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  Finished and Lapped Tungsten
Carbide Discs for Valve Applications

Valve disc trim with various sizes,
configurations and materials (including tungsten carbide, SS17-4PH/QPQ and ceramic etc.)
  Ceramic Discs for Valve Applications
  Stainless Steel Plugs/Seats with Brazed
Carbide Trims - I

Stainless steel seats with brazed on tungsten
carbide bushings and stainless steel plugs with brazed on tungsten carbide tips
  Tungsten Carbide Nozzles and Sleeve Inserts
for Valve Applications
  316 Stainless Steel / Carbide Valve
Plugs and Seats
  Ceramic Shaft and Washers for
Magnetic Driven Pump Applications
  Sintered Silicon Carbide Bushing for Magnetic Driven Pump Application   Tungsten Carbide Seal Rings, Seats & Bushings for Flow Control Applications
  Alumina Face Rings

Matching carbon/graphite rings available
  Resin or Antimony-Impregnated Carbon Graphite
Rings, Seats, and Bushings
  Ceramic Parts for Pump and Valve Application   Ceramic Shafts, Bushings, and Washers
for Magnetic Driven Pump Applications
  Various Silicon Carbide Shapes   Ceramic Shapes, Nozzles, and Parts
for Dispersing Valve Applications
  Various Carbide Nozzles for Flow
Control Applications
  Various Flow Control Parts with
Complex Shapes Made by PIM Process